Offers OptionWeb March April 2014

1 – PROMO March 2014
First you will be seduced by the Special Mars in Web Option, never a promo still practiced by any broker :
The broker warranty, either one, two , three trades , but ALL trades are guaranteed until the trader wins.
And this without any limitation in terms of number of trade or amount , 100% of trade is repaid. Reimbursement is made once at the time of the first winning trade .
Example: for a deposit of € 1000 , all open positions within the first investment ( FTD) you are refunded once when you first gain .
As some already know, OptionWeb working for several months on a new website , it will lose its color Orange in favor of the gold color, the design will be optimized , and the visual advantage highlighted .
For those who know the VIP platform , it will be very similar .
3 – NEW WAY OF TRADING ON OPTIONWEB EXCLUSIVE : “THE LADDER ” expected by the end of the month
I ‘ll tell you more next week but know already that with this new trader will now have access to 1500 % profit .
In a word , it is to make a choice among three value scales ( scale = ladder in English ) on each scale , so a ladder is a space formed between two lines , you must indicate whether you think the asset will be above the line or below , for 2 lines .. the farthest from the trend scale is the riskiest .

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