XTrade Review

                  XTrade Review Forex

XTrade is one of the leading online trading companies, fully regulated and licensed. It is located in Cyprus and regulated by CySec, which is a national agency of financial control. Established in 2003, XTrade has many years of experience. The company has already established its reputation on the market as one of the most stable financial companies. The available trading options include a wide range of trading assets. The users can diversify their trades with CFDs trading, stocks, indices, shares and commodities.



The company is located at Cyprus and regulated by CySec (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). CySec provides a strict regulation program with specific rules of compliance, which enables users to trade with confidence, minimizing possible risks of financial fraud. This program covers personal data protection as well as the financial transactions of the company.

Advantages on Xtrade platform

  • More than 100 trading assets
  • Fast execution of trades
  • Professional training program with leading experts
  • Good welcome bonuses
  • A demo account

Promotions XTrade

XTrade offers a variety of promotions for new traders. For example, a first deposit bonus for new traders, which may come up to $6000 based on the amount of first deposit. Among other active promotions XTrade offers a promotion “First trade on us”, fully covering the client’s first trade and a different promotion with free $20 cash bonus, available after phone verification.

Education on Xtrade

XTrade presents a learning centre for new traders, including video lessons with expert traders, a free eBook, a Demo account, which enables practice in a virtual environment, training sessions with personal account managers. The company’s customer service is available 24/7 in many languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and more.

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10 Trade Review

10 Trade Review broker

10 Trade is owned by Holiway Investments Inc, a financial services institution with experienced staff, traders and market experts with vast knowledge in the binary option market. Whether you are a new trader in the binary option market, or you have concerns regarding online security, 10trade secure trading platform that runs on the advanced SpotOption platform should ease your fears. 10trade is regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec).

10 Trade

10trade also have the best selection of educational resources for a broker so as to learn online trading. Many reviewers have carried out scam tests to test 10trade’s professionalism to give a testimonial; the test results have uncovered high levels of professionalism and safety.

10trade Features

One of the top features that set this company higher than its competitors is the amount of quality resources that are available to their new and experienced customers. When it comes to making important money decisions, 10trade ensures that you are not alone; they offer e-books, daily market news, one-on-one tutorials and live webinars. All of these perks are user-friendly, easy to use and easily accessible to make it easy for every user to build up their online trading knowledge. On top of this, there is a 24-hour customer service that is available seven days a week to help you with any queries; they also cater for the non-English speakers.

Controls and Options

10trade have well-located options that allow the user to customize the platform according to their preferences, this is another reason for a new user to provide a positive review and testimonial. This company offers a wide range of assets; they have a portfolio of over 210 underlying assets including currencies, indices, commodities and stocks. A broker has a chance to choose from a number of trade options like; the sixty-second trade, currency pairings, ladder options, long-term and one touch options. The user determines the duration of the investment, and you have complete control, support, and visibility for the length of your trade. 10trade have generous returns as high as 81 percent to provide a strong incentive for users.

Open Account Offers

10trade have a welcome bonus of 100 percent and is available for new account holders. Currently, they are offering an open account bonus of three risk-free trades for every new trader.
Withdrawals and Deposits
There are many ways to make deposits and withdrawals on 10trade, they include; e-wallets like Skrill, iDeal, Neteller and CashU, debit and credit card plus free wire transfers. The minimum deposit you can make with 10trade is $200; many accounts offer express funds withdrawal.

Banking Details – Payments

A passionate area within the trading consideration that allows the brokers to handle distributions and opportunities within the binary option market.

Deposit: Immediate transfer to your account through credit Bank Card. Depending on the type of bank, the amount should be settle to your account immediately but sometimes it takes several days.

Drawback: within this area your withdrawal demands document. The moment you sort a push and amount ‘Next’ the resources that are required is likely to be instantly taken from your own consideration. Resources and the drawback type is likely to be removed back. In ‘Pending Requests.’ you might terminate the drawback demands
before the resources are delivered back for you pending Needs: within this area you may terminate any drawback requests you’ve created. The required resources are instantly included back again to the balance whenever you terminate a drawback.

Background: your whole bank history is outlined within this area. Distributions and all remains you’ve created are recorded in ‘History.’ when you have attempted to get utilizing a Credit Bank Card and also the resources don’t display in ‘History’, inside your consideration, you need to reconfirm the deposit was effective.

Credit Card: With this type of broker has got the choice to conserve credit card particulars within the consideration. It may be completed from if at any stage the broker desires to improve the investment and also the broker won’t have to re-enter to be able to create the expense the card particulars. All that’s necessary to complete is sort the total amount choose and you intend to commit Now’ that is ‘Deposit. Course’s community link is not very insecure and also the steps that are greatest are taken fully to safeguard our security that is clients’.

Before making payments: Please choose and compare brokers.

Binary Options Guide

Into Grand Option you’ll discover the primary basis for the accessibility within this area!
Resource: The monetary asset you might choose for trading. It may be a list a set, a or perhaps a item.

Goal Price: known as Hit that is ‘the,’ it’s the price where it is being sold by Grand Option. Merchants might buy a choice that’s by forecasting if the cost drop or of the resource may increase greater/less than the goal cost.

Large/Reduced: once the expiration degree is above the goal cost Grand Option is once the expiration degree is below the goal cost reduced binary option.

Return: This Is Actually The revenue you’ll obtain within a portion in your investment’s type. In EUR or USD for instance, when you expected the pattern of the marketplace then and have spent $500 in one single binary option your Return known as ‘Payout’ could be 89% about the $500.

Ends: should you forecast it’ll increase and buy a Large binary option, the expiration is once the live cost decided and of EUR USD is examined whether you’ve created a proper conjecture. The expiration could be everywhere from: 60 Moments, many minutes (2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10, minutes, 15 minutes etc…), 1-hour, one day.
Grand Option provides a number of ends to merchants to make sure their trading won’t be limited to some time framework that is limited.

Position: Within The status, merchants may see the rest of the period for investing in a binary option for perhaps a potential industry or that next expiration.

Offers OptionWeb March April 2014

1 – PROMO March 2014
First you will be seduced by the Special Mars in Web Option, never a promo still practiced by any broker :
The broker warranty, either one, two , three trades , but ALL trades are guaranteed until the trader wins.
And this without any limitation in terms of number of trade or amount , 100% of trade is repaid. Reimbursement is made once at the time of the first winning trade .
Example: for a deposit of € 1000 , all open positions within the first investment ( FTD) you are refunded once when you first gain .
As some already know, OptionWeb working for several months on a new website , it will lose its color Orange in favor of the gold color, the design will be optimized , and the visual advantage highlighted .
For those who know the VIP platform , it will be very similar .
3 – NEW WAY OF TRADING ON OPTIONWEB EXCLUSIVE : “THE LADDER ” expected by the end of the month
I ‘ll tell you more next week but know already that with this new trader will now have access to 1500 % profit .
In a word , it is to make a choice among three value scales ( scale = ladder in English ) on each scale , so a ladder is a space formed between two lines , you must indicate whether you think the asset will be above the line or below , for 2 lines .. the farthest from the trend scale is the riskiest .

What are binary options Bonus ?

To encourage those who wish to open a trading account with them , brokers offer bonuses in addition to the amounts deposited by the customer. Some even offer a bonus no minimum deposit.
To choose your broker, you should avoid too tempted by an attractive bonus and compare different brokers. Start by checking the blacklist published by the AMF and eliminate any broker on this list regardless of the amount of the bonus it offers . Indeed, it is insensitive people who offer financial services so that they are prohibited .
After this initial screening , a comparative look at brokerage firms and learn about services and prices offered by each of them. While some of them offer a free bonus , this can be considered an interesting feature , but do not choose a broker based solely on this criterion.
Consider all the services offered by each broker and including training it offers for beginners, as it presents or not to open a demo account ( allowing you to train yourself before making actual transactions ) and the opportunity to receive personalized advice . You should also know that significant bonus can sometimes hide poor performance or processes indélicats.En Therefore, even if a broker offers a no deposit bonus or a free service , we must examine the details of the offer.
Also remember to check if each broker on this comparison is approved by the competent authorities in his country and he has a good reputation on the Internet. Also take into account the minimum amount of deposit required , return on loss , the maximum possible gain and minimum positions that must be taken for each operation. By analyzing these criteria , you can choose the broker whose performance will be the most profitable for you.

Binary options trading for beginers

Like many employees, looking for a way to improve your resources and you’re wondering how to get the most out of trading. Indeed, it seems that this is a lucrative business, but presents risks and you really want to learn the techniques well before starting to not fall into the pitfalls any novice.
A beginner’s interest to start by reading the optionbinaire-avis.com site that provides valuable guidance to a good start in trading. By using this site, the novice looking to learn discovers that he must begin by choosing a reliable broker who will give good advice to start with a good chance of success. In addition, he warns against dishonest brokers who are waiting for an opportunity to rob a novice trader overconfident and explains the interest to choose a broker who has obtained approval of the competent authorities in the country of origin
On the other hand , this site suggests beginners to train at their own pace and explains how the various options that can be chosen . This allows you to start having the knowledge base necessary to control its operations.
Another page on the site shows how you can start smart trader ‘s activity starting with binary options. This is a very simple technique is to anticipate the rise or fall of an underlying asset based on a rigorous analysis of its past trend and taking into account the macro -economic data.
Finally, if you really want to make your operations trader matter where you are , the site indicates that it is possible to make trading binary options with his mobile phone or tablet . However, it tells you the disadvantages that you may encounter if you try to make trading in an elevator or on a train (note here that the power lines can disrupt the connection , which can lead to costly mistakes).

The different modes of binary options trading

The choice of modes of binary option trading

The choice of modes in binary option trading can determine the success or failure of an investor. On the internet traders have at their disposal two trading using binary options : Cash or Nothing and Touch and No Touch . They all have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the profile of the trader.
The Cash or Nothing options are considered best suited to amateurs because of the fact that they have less risk. In this type of transaction , the investor will simply make a comparison and choose the best price that the asset can achieve. The broker offers the trader a comparative view graphically to speculate on price fluctuations. Whether or not this notice within the time fixed in advance and define the loss or profit of the trader .


For its part, the Touch and No Touch options are relatively risky for novice traders . They ask the broker to compare and choose a specific price , it is the assumed prices coincide with a selected active during the execution of the binary option . A binary option is Touch when it comes to the price set before reaching maturity. In contrast, it is called No Touch if it fails to reach the estimated for the duration of its execution price . It is called One key when it hits a pre-defined time point .
In addition to these modes of trading binary options, online trading platforms may also offer other options such as Double -one Touch and Double No Touch. These options are considered quite complex and require a great capacity for analysis and mastery of market behavior . He asks the broker to provide a comparative review to determine the best choice of two values ​​for a single execution of the binary option period . The Double No Touch option is simply the inverse of the Double -one Touch.

How to compare brokers

How to compare brokers?

Online stock, except for the ability of the trader to understand the functioning of financial markets and transactions taking place there, use good strategy and the choice of a good binary option broker also play an important role . Since it is not easy for everyone to choose from hundreds of brokers available on the net, be aware that there are comparison sites developed by specialists of market speculation that confront the strengths / advantages / disadvantages of different sites existing.
A good trading platform comparison always offers a reduced selection of brokers. This selection is based on the most relevant criteria. In general, the comparison is presented in tabular form through which several columns describing each broker is presented: their benefits, bonuses, their profit rates, their minimum deposit, minimum position. Not to waste time to try them one by one, just compare these data. For beginners, it is best to opt for a broker offering the lowest position. A position of at least 10 euros you eg trader up to twenty times for 200 euros deposit.
Besides the choice of the minimum position must also insist on transparency, the bonus amount and the number of assets available. Transparency is one of the elements to justify the seriousness of an online broker. Before you start trading a currency pair of binary option, make sure that the platform provides a graph in real time. Without such a trading tool, you find it difficult to anticipate new trends actifs.Un the benefits of online trading is also evidenced by the bonus on deposits. Higher the rate of the bonus, the more it allows you to inflate the amount of your deposit.

Latest News

Latest News Binary option

-It appears Marketsworld.com has undone all the progress they made last week relating to its trading execution prices and expiry times. Last week all trading entries appeared to be spot on, users were getting the exact price which was quoted at the time as well as noticing that prices were expiring at exactly the price it closed at. However now sadly, this has been undone.

-Forex Magnates is pleased to announce that SpotOption has been awarded with the Best  Binary option Software Provider at the prestigious Forex Magnates Awards which took place in the world’s financial capital on the 14th of November 2012 at the Grange Hotel in St Paul’s

The leading binary options brokers are:

1*XPMarkets: XP Markets was established in Europe since 2008 and offers online binary options trading platform designed for individuals.